About House of Derani's

This Is How Our Story Began


Designer Network

House of Derani’s is dedicated in providing everlasting  Signature Events that will allow us to stand out from the rest. Our mobile services, which will include our  House of Derani’s Sip & Shop Sidewalk Sale,, Pick Me Up & Pamper Me Parties and our Fashion Forward Showcase  will specialize in brand building techniques for our design  partners that are interested in showcasing their designs at our boutique. Our events and services will cater to our clients   needs and desires which will enhance our reputation as a truly unique boutique and designer network.

Our  designer network  promotes and feature up-and-coming designers nationwide by displaying trendy fashion from  aspiring designers.


Network Benefits

  • Opportunity to become our featured designer during our Fashion  showcases.

  • Products displayed at Derani’s online and storefront Boutique

  • Brand building &  awareness

  • Networking Opportunities

Derani's Boutique


Walk with Derani’s as we transform appearances with our Bold, Classy, and Sexy attire. We are not just a boutique. We provide an experience that will leave an everlasting impression on every customer that we encounter. Our goal is to make every shopping experience with Derani’s one that you will remember.

Our Commitment

Derani’s commitment is not just selling you another garment, we aim to give you an experience that will make you stand out from the rest. With our mobile service Signature Events Pick Me Up & Pamper Me Parties and Sip & Shop Sidewalk Sell, we provide our customers with a complete look and a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Let’s start the transformation.

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Meet Our Team

Renodda Hopkins

Founder & Director of Operations

Curessia  Biggs

Derani's Merchandise Buyer

Operations Assistant